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Day 40: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (16:1-8)

Discussion Questions (1) Do you doubt the bodily resurrection of Christ? What keeps you from following and believing Jesus as your personal Savior? (162) (2) What keeps you from telling all those you see about the risen Lord? (163) (3) What will it take for you to be transformed from cowardly to courageous for Christ? […]

Day 39: At the Cross (15:38-47)

Discussion Questions (1) Even with direct access to God through Christ, why, even now, do we still neglect communion with him? (158/160) (2) Either by action or unbelief, what keeps you from seeing Jesus as the true Son of God? (160) (3) The gospel writers emphasize the physical death of Jesus. Why is this such […]

Day 38: The Crucifixion of the Son of God (15:21-37)

Discussion Questions (1) Pastor Cook says the verbal abuse Jesus endured on the cross are motifs of Christianity and discipleship. Are you willing to endure such a life for Jesus? (154) (2) Jesus dies alone. Does a loving God ever remove his presence from his followers? (3) Will you serve Jesus with your life as […]

Day 37: “Suffered under Pontius Pilate” (15:1-20)

Discussion Questions (1) Have you ever found yourself like Pilate cowardly surrendering the lordship of Christ in your life by choosing to appease others? (151) (2) In “Living it Out” Pastor Cook highlights how the envy of the religious leaders led to their rejection of Jesus. How have you been envious or jealous of others […]

Day 36: Peter’s Denial (14:66-72)

Discussion Questions (1) Why did Peter weep? Was he remorseful for his denial or just upset he was proven wrong? (147) (2) Compare Peter to Judas’ demise. Why is it important that we contrast the sins and responses of Peter and Judas? How were they alike? How were they different? (147) (3) Do you resonate […]

Day 35: Jesus before the Sanhedrin (14:53-65)

Discussion Questions (1) How can you respond like Jesus in situations where you are treated unfairly or unjustly? (2) How do these stories of Jesus’ betrayal, mock trial, and giving himself up to die for us encourage your heart today? (3) How does Isaiah 53:7 help you understand the willingness and obedience of Christ’s sacrificial […]

Day 34: Jesus’ Betrayal and Arrest (14:43-52)

Discussion Questions (1) Do we have a tendency to remain silent when opportunities arise for us to speak a word for the gospel? (2) Is our Christianity one that goes with the flow, or does our lifestyle run counter to the prevailing winds of our decaying culture? (3) Is Jesus your greatest treasure? (4) When […]

Day 33: The Darkest Night of All (14:32-42)

Discussion Questions (1) Are you exercising trust in God’s omnipotence with faith in action? (2) Jesus is unbelievably honest in prayer. How can we model Jesus’ honesty and trust in our prayers? (3) How can we take the mindset of Jesus’ prayer, “Nevertheless, not what I will, but what you will,” into our daily fight […]

Day 32: Jesus’ Body and Blood (14:22-31)

Discussion Questions (1) How does participation in the Lord’s Supper encourage you? (2) The gifts of God’s grace are many–forgiveness of sins, hopeful anticipation of Christ’s return, and a loving church family. How does a loving, local church body become a gift of God’s grace in your life? (3) We are family under the lordship […]