He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best

God’s promises sometimes appear too good to be true because God specializes in the impossible. One example in the Bible is when he gives a son to Abraham and Sarah. Their son’s name is Isaac, which means he laughs. Abraham and Sarah both laughed, but God has the last word and fulfills his word always, for nothing is too hard for the Lord.

How Can I Be Righteous Before God?

In God’s economy, faith is that which is rewarded with righteousness. There is no amount of good work that you and I can do to be in the right standing before God. How can we be righteous before God? The answer is faith. The poster person for this theological truth is Abraham. We learn that God credited it to him as righteousness because of his faith. The Apostle Paul teaches us in Galatians that it is the same for all who place their faith in Yahweh.

Yahweh’s Promises

Genesis 12 is a turning point in the Bible. The story of Abraham, still Abram in this passage, begins to come into focus. God tells him to follow after him and makes some astonishing promises. Again, the early chapters of the Bible paint Yahweh as the promise-making God. As we continue reading, we will also see that he is the promise-keeping God.

The Tower and the City

The Tower of Babel is a fascinating story. It advances themes from the garden and will appear in the Scripture again. No matter how we try to build or even how high we can attain for ourselves, God is still in the heavens.

Job: Behind the Curtain of God’s Providence

Job is a fascinating story in the heart of the Old Testament. Our Bible reading plan has us reading a few chapters and what a blessing they are to us. Job pulls back the curtain on the nature of God’s good, wise, and loving providence. The book is entitled Job, but we learn much about God.

Noah, the Flood, and More Promises

The story of Noah and the flood is a fantastic story about God. We learn in Genesis 6-9 that God will not ignore sin. Sin must be punished. Yet a pattern begins to emerge in the early pages of Scripture that even amid judgment, there is mercy and salvation for those who walk with God by faith. More promises come, and God is becoming known as the promise maker early on in Genesis.

Hope in the Midst of Ashes

What is wrong with the world is a quintessential question for everyone alive. All religions and philosophies deal with the problem. The Bible tells us what’s wrong with God’s good creation in Genesis chapter 3. In a word, the answer is sin. Adam and Eve fell prey to the serpent’s temptation, ate the fruit God had commanded them not to eat, and ushered sin and death into God’s world. That is the fundamental issue with why this world is broken. Thankfully, God gives hope in that dark moment that he would do something to fix what we have broken.

Let’s Get Started!

How a story begins is almost as important as how the story ends. The Bible starts before the beginning, with God. It introduces us to the hero and main character of Scripture. Who is God? God is the Creator and Ruler of EVERYTHING.