Boaz settles the matter of redemption in Ruth 4. In a legal action, he redeems Ruth and Naomi, thus providing permanent rest, protection, and love for Ruth. This act of redemption for Ruth is only a foretaste, a beautiful picture of the permanent redemption God’s people find by faith in Jesus Christ.

The Faithless Redeemer

Boaz wastes no time settling the matter of Ruth and Naomi’s redemption. He approaches the nearer kinsman redeemer. But unlike the other character’s in the book, he does not act in faithfulness but rather selfishness. He’s the only character in the narrative that is nameless. But thankfully for Ruth and Naomi, Boaz is faithful.

The Faithful Redeemer

Boaz proves himself to be a faithful redeemer and thus brings hope to Ruth and Naomi. We see it demonstrated in the change in Naomi’s tone and actions. Just as Ruth and Naomi had hope in their redeemer Boaz, we can have greater confidence in a better Boaz, Jesus–the faithful redeemer.

In the Middle of the Night

This unique story in the middle of the night shows us not that some scandal has occurred between Ruth and Boaz but is another opportunity for the narrator to display their noble characters. The actions of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz show that the righteous act in faith under the umbrella of the sovereignty of God.

Let go, Let God?

“Let go, let God” is a common phrase in Christian circles. At its best, it can be helpful. But for many, it tends to lead toward faithless passivity. In Ruth, we see the characters all acting in faith. Each of them operates in righteousness. God works through their actions to bring blessings. Where do you need to act faithfully where perhaps you’ve been too passive?

Kinsman Redeemer

The Lord is at work in seemingly mundane moments. Ruth was faithful in the small things. Ruth has found a kinsman redeemer! The Lord’s providence brings Boaz and Ruth together to bring a future redeemer through their lineage.

Blessed by the Lord

The Lord works providentially behind the scenes through the acts of faithful people. Through his providential work, the Lord graciously blesses Ruth through Boaz–fulfilling his promises to Abraham. Just like Ruth is blessed through a faithful redeemer, all who look to Jesus in faith are blessed in him and by him.

Truly God, Truly Man

Jesus, true man, yet very God comes to dispel the darkness. He is the promised one of Jesse. He comes to set us free from Satan, sin, and death.

Who is THIS Man?

The narrator of Ruth introduces the readers to a new character in chapter 2. The introduction is intentionally prolonged to heighten its importance and stresses the character of the man called Boaz. We learn that Boaz is a mighty man of character who is a kinsman redeemer in Elimelech’s line. He is meticulously faithful to the Lord and his law. He protects and cares for Ruth and Naomi. The Lord providentially works through Boaz to bring about redemption for Naomi and Ruth; and also you and me. For through Boaz, we get David. And through the line of David, a Savior who is Christ the Lord!

God is Good

The story of Ruth reminds us that the God of the Bible is good. He works all things for our good and his glory. We don’t always see the complete picture of how God is working in our lives, but Ruth reminds us that he is and that he is good!