Revelation: Letters from Jesus (Part 2)

Jesus’ letters to the churches in Revelation have some common themes. While written to specific churches in Asia Minor, they teach us something about what Jesus wants for his churches for all time. The letters encourage us that Jesus knows our works, and he speaks into our lives. Many voices are vying for your ear. Does the Good Shepherd have your attention? Listen. Obey. Conquer and receive the promise he gives to those who overcome, namely, himself.

Revelation: Letter to the Churches (Part 1)

Jesus shows John a vision of himself and tells him to write letters to seven churches in Asia Minor. These churches are experiencing intense persecution and temptation. Jesus calls them to stay strong, repent, and conquer. Jesus’ words are divine because he is divine, and he isn’t writing to them as some aloof and distant commander. He is among them, and he will keep them secure.

Help for the Needy

The Lord helps the needy. We are needier than we realize, but God is quick to aid the humble. Because of Jesus, our Great High Priest, God’s sons and daughters can confidently approach him to receive mercy and grace to help.

The LORD Never Breaks His Promises

Some of God’s promises do indeed seem too good to be true. How can the spiritually dead live? How can I be forgiven? How can the dead rise to life? There is nothing too hard for the Lord. We learn many things about God early in the Scriptures. The story of Abraham teaches many things, among which is that the Lord never fails to keep his word. He never breaks a promise!

The Lord Stood by My Side


The Lord never promises his people a life free from trouble and suffering. He did promise he would be with us. While we shouldn’t seek out suffering, we should seek the Lord in our times of despair, knowing that he is with us and will cause all things to work for our good and his glory.

Forgiveness, Even If…

Forgiveness is a necessary action of a believer. It is not easy, but we are obligated to forgive. It is evidence that we ourselves have been forgiven a debt far more enormous than we could ever repay. Forgiveness requires faith. Do I trust God to handle a situation better than I can? Do I believe that obeying Jesus is better than holding onto unforgiveness?

My Own Worst Enemy

Everyone is telling us to do what makes us happy that we pursue our true selves. That is horrible advice. That flies in the face of what Paul said about the church in Colossae. We must realize that the biggest obstacle in our way as we pursue Christlikeness is ourselves. We have to fight against our very own nature

Gospel Freedom

We are set free from sin, not so that we can live however we want but so that we can live to please the Lord. Holiness is not legalism. Gospel freedom means that we no longer have to sin but can live unto righteousness.

No Ladder Tall Enough

The chasm between God and man can only be bridged through Jesus Christ. He is our only hope. No ladder we can climb can get us back to God. The good news is that he has sent the Son for us. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.