The #1 Reason to Share the Gospel

The number one reason to share the gospel is that we love God! Luke’s account of Paul in Athens shows us that the apostle’s love of God and jealously for his name fuels his passion for evangelism. As John Piper has famously quipped, “Missions exists because worship doesn’t.”

Top 3 Reasons for Sharing the Gospel – Part 2

The Top 3 Reasons to Evangelize Part 1

As Jesus is about to ascend to heaven, he gives his final instructions to his disciples. The account in Matthew is known as the Great Commission. Jesus commands his followers to make disciples. We evangelize because we want to obey Jesus’ commands.

Gospel vs False Faith: The Most Important Chapter in Acts?

Acts 15 is in the center of Luke’s second volume. Hanchen says it is a watershed, ‘turning point’ moment in Luke’s account and for church history. The church considers what to do with these new Gentile converts? Their answer is a resounding, “Justification is by faith alone!'” Praise God for these faithful believers and the work of God. Outside of the Holy Spirit’s arrival in Acts 2, this is the most crucial moment in Acts.

Back to the Bible

We finish our series of important Bible words and themes by once again considering the Scriptures. The Bible is a gift of God in which he has revealed himself to us. The flower and the grass will fade and fall away, but the Word of the Lord is forever.


Trinity is a word you won’t find in your Bible. However, the theological concept and teaching are spread throughout the Old and New Testaments. It’s a complex doctrine to understand, but that doesn’t make it any less true. It is how God has revealed himself to us in his Word. Scott Hardy helps us consider this doctrine in today’s devotionable.


The day is coming when everyone will be judged according to all they’ve done. God is the supreme judge, and he will execute justice flawlessly. How do you stack up? What will God say to you? If in Christ, you know that you will be judged based on his work. Christians also comfort that God will rightly deal with all evil in wickedness. Come, Lord Jesus!



Death is not a dinner talk conversation in many homes, and that’s okay. But we do well to think about death and consider the end of our lives. For all big questions of life, we should start with Scripture. So in today’s devotionable, we will consider some of the Bible’s words about death.



Repentance describes the heartbeat of the Christian life—a constant call to walk by faith. We adjust our thinking and actions to love God and walk in his ways. Ethan Hinkson talks about this biblical word in today’s devotionable.


Regeneration is a big Bible word, AND it’s an important Bible word. Chad Padgett talks to us about regeneration in today’s devotionable.