Covenant is not a word you use frequently. It’s an important Bible word. What does it mean, and why is it essential for us today?


Life. The Bible tells us a great deal about it and is a prevailing theme in its pages. God is the Author of life. When sin came into the world, so did death. God has done something about it and offers eternal life to all who look to Jesus in faith. As God’s people, we must be a people of life.


Is man born basically good? The answer to that question is crucial. The Bible has the answer to these questions, bringing us to the word sin in our study through Bible Themes and Words of the Bible. The Bible tells us that we are sinners by birth and sinners by choice. Sin entered into the world through Adam. But God’s story is a story of redemption through the God-man, the perfect, sinless Jesus Christ. Jason Dierking talks to us about the fall, sin, and hope of redemption through faith in Jesus in today’s devotionable.

Jesus Heals and Forgives

Mark describes Jesus’ ministry starting with a bang. The crowds are overwhelming as he teaches and performs miracles. Chapter 2 starts with Jesus healing AND FORGIVING a paralytic. The crowds respond with enthusiasm and awe while the scribes scoff.


Justification is a long word that pops up in the New Testament. It is one of the essential doctrines in the Christian faith and is a word with which all believers should be familiar. Kory Zakeri spends a moment talking about this crucial doctrine in today’s devotionable.


The election is an essential word in the Bible and must be studied carefully and with humility. We shouldn’t stress this doctrine more or less than the authors of Scripture but should seek to receive the teaching in ways that cause us to marvel at God’s grace, worship him with tremendous passion, and fervently share the good news of his saving grace with all!


Adam is the first man. Created in God’s image and given authority to rule over the rest of God’s creation as God’s viceroy. We know the tragic story of the fall, but over against that stands the beautiful picture of redemption found only in the second Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ!


Today’s word is Worship. All creation rejoices in the LORD. The Redeemed of the Lord gives praise, thanksgiving, and worship to our God. Brandon Pisacrita walks us through Psalm 100 as we consider worship.


Fellowship belongs in our study of important Bible words and themes. To have fellowship with God is to have life. And once you are brought into fellowship with the Lord, you are called into fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. Jonah Chitty leads us into today’s devotionable.


Baptism may be a word you weren’t expecting in our journey through important Bible words and themes. Pastor Philip talks about the importance of Baptism in today’s devotionable.