Love. People are always talking about it, singing about it, or writing about it. The Bible has a lot to say about it, so we’ll turn to the disciple of love, the Apostle John, to see just a tiny amount of what this critical Bible word means.


Propitiation is a big Bible word. You’ve probably heard it or even come across it while reading in the New Testament, but perhaps you’re unsure what it means. It’s an important word, and the word Derek Riley will help us to think about today.


Our series of essential Bible words and themes has us looking at grace today. Tino Soto takes us to Daniel, Titus, Romans, and others to consider the grace of God.


Today’s word in our series of Big Themes and Words of the Bible is more than a word; it’s a name. It’s the most important name in the Bible. We are talking about the Lord, and all of Scripture is the Story about the Lord. Brandon Pisacrita leads us in today’s Devotionable.


Today’s word in our series of Big Themes and Words of the Bible is JOY! When you find God, you have found joy! Joy is closely related to love, as what we love produces joy. Joy is more profound and longer-lasting in comparison to happiness. Joy is a fruit of the Spirit and is a gift from God to his people that they can have no matter their circumstances.

Summer 2022 – Detailed Schedule

Singles and College Summer 2022

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  • Pre-Covid the Browns have hosted smaller groups at their home for the purpose of getting to know the singles and college better and for the new people to get to know them and those who have been around for a while.    We will be doing a couple of these in May.     

            Thursday Nights @ 6 pm for Supper (May 19th &  26th)



Mondays – Kickball (College and Singles Combined) 7 pm

  • For the first time we will be doing a kickball league with other sister churches and their college and / or singles programs.   We are hoping this allows us to share ideas, get to know other sister churches and use it to invite the unchurched to an activity this summer.   

Tuesdays – Singles D-Groups Combined Study

  • This summer the Browns will be hosting a bible study to discuss subjects singles want to know more about and what the Bible has to say about them.  The studies will be at the Browns’ (unless the crowd grows too large) at 6:30 on the Tuesday nights that are listed below. 

Wednesdays – College Panel Discussion / Outings

  • The college group will be covering major issues that college students need and want more information about with a panel discussion.  We will be going to one of our church families for dessert/meal and fellowship on specific nights listed below.  The panel discussions will occur in Room 202 @ 7 pm. 

Thursday – BCN Freshman Orientation-

  • We will be joining with other churches this summer to help the UofL Baptist Collegiate Ministry to host the incoming freshmen at their pre-semester orientation.   We will provide snacks and look to engage both local students and those coming from all across the globe to attend the University of Louisville.  

Saturdays – Singles 

  • The singles will be going off campus or out of town once in June and once in July for some fun fellowship on the Saturdays listed below.   This is to help build community and also have a great event to invite an unchurched co-worker or friend.  



Singles and College Summer Calendar




6 – Kickball @NAOBC 7pm (Singles and College)

7 – Bible Study @Brown’s House 6:30pm (Singles)

8 – College Panel Discussion 7pm (College)

9 – BCN @U of L (College)

11 – Hiking Trip (Singles)

14 – Bible Study @Brown’s House 6:30pm (Singles)

15 – Party at Kile’s House (College)

27 – Kickball @NAOBC 7pm (Singles and College)

28 – Bible Study @Brown’s House 6:30pm (Singles)

29 – College Panel Discussion 7pm (College)




6 –   Bike/Walk Turkey Run (College)

11 – Kickball @NAOBC 7pm (Singles and College)

12 – Bible Study @Brown’s House 6:30pm (Singles)

13 – College Panel Discussion 7pm (College)

16 – Pool Party @Kimsey’s House (Singles)

18 – Kickball @NAOBC 7pm (Singles and College)

19 – Bible Study @Brown’s House 6:30pm (Singles)

20 – Fellowship @Cook’s House (College)


Faith is one of the most elemental and crucial words in Scripture. There is a myriad of ways people might define the word. The author of Hebrews gives God’s definition and examples of people who followed God by faith.


We are looking at some of the important words and themes of Scripture. Today’s word is ATONEMENT. Pastor Blake helps us consider this vital work of Jesus in today’s devotionable.


Our word of the day in this devotional is Sanctification. Brandon Pisacrita helps us learn about this by reviewing Hebrews 12, Romans 6, and other Bible passages.