As The Lord Wills

Today we begin a new series taking a closer look at Scriptures that we sometimes misapply or take out of context. We’ll look at James 5 and remind ourselves that our hope is in the Lord who heals. We trust him, and we call out to him.


Who is at the top of your call list when you need help? Who is your emergency contact? For King David, his trust was in the Lord. He knew that God was his helper, and he pleaded for help. The good news for David and you is that God is eager and able to help. Call out to him for help today.


Our series of the whole Bible in 16 verses concludes with some of the sweetest words found in Scripture. John sees and hears that God is making all things new. He will dwell with his people forever. We are HOME! We couldn’t get there by ourselves, so through the work and person of Jesus Christ, he brings heaven, our eternal home, to us. This passage brings us comfort and hope as we eagerly await our Savior. Come, Lord Jesus!

God Makes Us Right with Himself

The Apostle Paul talks about what God has done to make us right with him. It’s a big Bible word called justification. Kyle Barrett walks us through Romans 3:21-26 and tells us the implications of justification for those who believe.

Jesus Does the Impossible

There are multiple places in the Bible where we read that nothing is impossible for God. This truth may be at its peak fullness in the birth and death of Jesus. Paul tells us in Romans 1:3-4 that Jesus picked his parents and that Jesus was raised from the dead. We stand in awe. These truths are the biggest game-changers in history. And our response should be complete devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Game Over

Perhaps the most powerful sentence in the Bible is uttered from the lips of Jesus as he is about to die. Jesus declares in John 19, “It is finished.” What did Jesus finish, and what does it mean for you?

The Wait is Over

All the promises of God in the Old Testament have pointed to Jesus’ Arrival and Ministry in the New Testament. Jesus’ first words in Mark’s gospel announce that God’s Kingdom has arrived. He is here to begin to undo what was lost at the fall. The time is fulfilled. What the saints of old longed for throughout the years is finally here. The wait is over. The King is here, and he is establishing his kingdom.

God Will Make Everything New… Even You!

The good word from Isaiah 65 to you and i is that there is no sin, no matter how deplorable, no suffering, however painful that can ultimately thwart God from fulfilling his purpose. God has the remedy. The remedy is not that God just needs to take us to a new place but that he needs to make us new. And by his grace, he does and will.

College and Singles Weekly Update – February 9th-16th


  • BFG (Bible Fellowship Group) Sunday Morning 10:30 AM, RM 202
  • Sunday Worship: 9:00 AM


  • BFG (Bible Fellowship Groups) Sunday Morning 9:00 AM, RM 202
  • Sunday Worship: 10:30 AM


College Night!!!

College night this Sunday!

Because of “The Big Game” party, D-groups will be meeting at FIVE p.m. Sunday night, with a meal and party to follow.

Join us for supper, worship, and breakout times in our D-groups going over the book Love Your Church (order the book today!!). This will be a wonderful time of getting to know everyone in our college group!

Location: Room 231 (the youth room)

*Meal provided!!


Wednesday Night Discipleship:

Beginning at 6:30 PM

Adults will have the opportunity to serve with the Choir, attend Open Bible Study with TJ Betts, or meet in Discipleship Groups.

Everyone in Discipleship Groups will be going through the book Side by Side (order it today!!).

For more information, and to register, click here!!

Check out our website or GroupMe App for more info regarding specific events!!


“THE BIG GAME” Party for College and Singles!!

When: Sunday, Feb. 13th. 6:30 PM

Where: Youth room

What: A time of fun, food, games, and watching “The big game” together!!

What to bring: Sign up for our perfect potluck!! We need everyone’s help to make sure we have the meal covered!! The church will be providing pork, but we need you to provide; heavy appetizers, drinks, desserts.

Perfect potluck: Click here!!

GIVEAWAY: During halftime, we will have a drawing to win four FREE retreat tickets!! This means that one male and female from the college BFG and one male and female from the singles BFG will be randomly drawn and get their retreat ticket paid for!! You MUST be present at the party to be entered in the drawing!!

Make sure to bring the food that you signed up for!!

***We will be having D-groups at 5 PM before the party.

***Registration and more details about the COLLEGE RETREAT will be announced/open during the party!!

Can These Bones Live?

We pick up our place going through the whole Bible in 16 verses with a sensational story found in Ezekiel 37. The prophet is shown a vision of a dark and disturbing picture of a vast area filled with bones. Dead, dry, and decaying bones. God asks Ezekiel, “Can these bones live?” Can they ever! Only God can do the impossible and bring what was dead to life!