King Jesus in Genesis

God continues to pencil in his sketch of redemption through the pen of Moses. In Genesis 49, we read Jacob’s farewell address to his sons. These final words serve as a blessing and a prophecy. In verse 10, something remarkable happens. Judah, his fourth-born, will be the first. It will be from his line that Israel will have a king. We know that the King is ultimately Jesus-not only of Judah and Israel–but of the whole world! Pastor Adam helps us consider this small but crucial verse and why it’s vital for us today.

More Than A Promise

A significant plot point in God’s story is revealed in Genesis 12. God’s plan to crush the head of the serpent, to reverse the curse, is going to come about through a family, one family. The family’s patriarch is Abraham, yet in Genesis 12, he is still known as Abram and has no children. But with God, that is no problem! God’s promises to Abraham are ultimately fulfilled in Jesus, and through him, all the nations of the earth are blessed!

God Plants Hope in the Garden

The Bible is God’s story. He is the main character. When his creatures sin against him, all creation is put under a curse. Death is ushered into God’s good world. God begins to mete out judgment upon Adam, Eve, and Satan in His perfect justice. Yet, even in judgment, there is hope. Like a bright and beautiful flower in the middle of a torched field, God’s promise in Genesis 3:15 is a stark reminder of his faithfulness and loving-kindness pursuing us against the backdrop of the fall. He will come to defeat all of our foes and bring us back to himself. Early in the story, God plants hope in the garden.

What’s Wrong?

The Bible is God’s story. He is the main character. He is the hero. All the other characters exist in relation to him. In the Scriptures’ storyline, we are introduced to Satan’s new character. The serpent from old, and enemy of God and his people. The Devil tempts Eve to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil by casting doubt upon God’s goodness and His word. Adam and Eve fall into temptation, sin against God, and break God’s good world. Genesis 3 is the story of the fall, and from it, we learn what is wrong in the world.

Created In God’s Image

The Bible is God’s story. You can’t tell God’s story without the story of creation. God is the Creator of all things. Humans have the distinct honor and privilege of being the one creature made in God’s image and likeness. What a beautiful thing! Derek Riley explores Genesis 1:27-28 on our journey through the whole story of the Bible in 16 verses.

Thus Begins the Story

Who doesn’t love a good story? In Genesis 1:31, Creator God says of His creation that it was very good. God creates his world and thus begins the story.

Look for God in the Mountain Range of Scripture

God graciously reveals himself to his creatures. We know something of him when we like at his creation. We know much more when we read his Word. Jesus Christ is the ultimate revelation of the Father. He pointed his disciples back to the Word and opened their minds that they might understand the Scriptures. Look for God by opening your Bible and praying that God would reveal himself to you!

Final Word On Angels

Angels remind us that there is more than meets the eye. God has created all things–visible and invisible. Angles work behind the scenes to bring about the purposes of God for his glory and our good in all things.

Interacting With Angels

Angels are servants of God who interact as agents in his world and do his bidding. At times, they are used by God to protect people. Is it possible to see them? As they intervene in God’s world, how are people to interact with them? Angels are mighty and strong, but our praise and worship should be directed to God–not angels! Beware of worshiping angels, believing false doctrine from angels, or praying to angels. We worship and believe God alone!

Angels Carry Out God’s Judgement

Angels are spiritual beings that God created. Though they are spiritual beings, they are sometimes involved in the physical realms as God sees fit to use them. We see them serving God in his world because they are used to pronounce and perform acts of judgment. Two of the most well-known Scriptures that we see angels executing judgment in are Genesis 19 and throughout the book of Revelation.