College and Singles Weekly Update – April 1-April 8th

No BFG this week due to Easter

Register for Good Friday & Easter Service.

Please sign up for the Easter service you normally attend.


Gently and Lowly Study

D-groups for Gentle and Lowly are starting next week! Groups will be meeting throughout April and May. This will be a great time of getting to know others in our church outside of the college and singles groups. Sign up as soon as possible! You don’t want to miss this opportunity! Click here to sign up.

Are you a student heading home at the end of May?

We still have a way for you to join our church-wide study of Gentle and Lowly!

For those unable to join for the months of April and May, we will have a condensed study of the book meeting Sunday nights at 7 pm throughout the month of April. No need to sign up for this option, just show up!


Singles Retreat

Singles, get ready for a great retreat this Saturday!! A general itinerary of our time:

~Meet at 10 am at Activate Games (corner of  Hurstbourne Ln and Taylorsville Ln.)

~12 am Lunch back at church

~1-3 pm Bible study and outdoor games

We look forward to this opportunity for fun and fellowship! You won’t want to miss it. Make sure you are registered for this event by clicking here.


Important Location Change!

CDC guidelines are changing and loosening up for children and socially distancing in classrooms…this means we have a spot for one class to come into the building. Starting the week after Easter, the singles will begin meeting in room 235. The college group gets to take over the whole tent! Yay for no more talking over each other!!!


Weekly Word:

Passion Week is here! For most of us, we say Passion Week without even thinking about the disconnect that the world has with the word passion. The word passion seems almost sinful in certain contexts yet the Latin root of this word is ‘pati’ which means to suffer. I don’t see the world wanting to suffer for anyone these days. So, we as Christians should think about the suffering that Christ did on the Cross to cover our sin, take our place and defeat death. Here is a word from Paul’s letter to the Philippians to remind us of what he did for us. “And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.” (Phil. 2:8) As we see that example of sacrifice and suffering for us, may we choose to do the same for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Because of Him,

Pastor Philip


Day 36: Peter’s Denial (14:66-72)

Discussion Questions

(1) Why did Peter weep? Was he remorseful for his denial or just upset he was proven wrong? (147)

(2) Compare Peter to Judas’ demise. Why is it important that we contrast the sins and responses of Peter and Judas? How were they alike? How were they different? (147)

(3) Do you resonate with Peter? Having the truth and knowledge all around you but your pride sends you into defeat? In what areas of your life are you operating with overconfidence? Where do you need to strengthen your prayers in this area? (146)

(4) Would you stand for Jesus in the midst of opposition or deny him? If this is a weak area in your life, how should you change your prayers in response to this need?

Day 35: Jesus before the Sanhedrin (14:53-65)

Discussion Questions

(1) How can you respond like Jesus in situations where you are treated unfairly or unjustly?

(2) How do these stories of Jesus’ betrayal, mock trial, and giving himself up to die for us encourage your heart today?

(3) How does Isaiah 53:7 help you understand the willingness and obedience of Christ’s sacrificial death? How does this change your perspective of Jesus’ saying, “Pick up your cross and follow me”? (142)

(4) Jesus’ silence perpetuated the situation. Are there times to speak up and times to be silent? How can you know the difference?

(5) How can we fail to love and serve with our whole lives for our entire lives?

(6) Do you resonate with Pastor Cook’s expression of feeling “Give me Jesus!”? Why not? If we felt like this more, wouldn’t we desire to sin less? (143)

Day 34: Jesus’ Betrayal and Arrest (14:43-52)

Discussion Questions

(1) Do we have a tendency to remain silent when opportunities arise for us to speak a word for the gospel?

(2) Is our Christianity one that goes with the flow, or does our lifestyle run counter to the prevailing winds of our decaying culture?

(3) Is Jesus your greatest treasure?

(4) When you betray Jesus, do you receive shame or forgiveness?

Day 33: The Darkest Night of All (14:32-42)

Discussion Questions

(1) Are you exercising trust in God’s omnipotence with faith in action?

(2) Jesus is unbelievably honest in prayer. How can we model Jesus’ honesty and trust in our prayers?

(3) How can we take the mindset of Jesus’ prayer, “Nevertheless, not what I will, but what you will,” into our daily fight for holiness?

(4) Have you thought Jesus was afraid to die? How does Pastor Cook’s enlightenment of this event change your thoughts/opinions? (134)

(5) How does the imagery of Jesus approaching God as Father in the darkness of death rather than on a mountain top resonate with you? (134)

(6) How often do you find yourself flesh-dominated, knowing the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak? Do you turn to God in prayer for help? (135)

(7) In your dark night do you go to God in prayer?

(8) In what areas of your life are you trusting in God’s power?

(9) Jesus the Comforter is with us in hours of darkness. Do you overcome sin with prayer and accountability?

Day 32: Jesus’ Body and Blood (14:22-31)

Discussion Questions

(1) How does participation in the Lord’s Supper encourage you?

(2) The gifts of God’s grace are many–forgiveness of sins, hopeful anticipation of Christ’s return, and a loving church family. How does a loving, local church body become a gift of God’s grace in your life?

(3) We are family under the lordship of Christ. Maybe you can call and encourage a church member with what you are learning from this study.

(4) Do you find yourself longing for the eschatological banquet Jesus mentions while taking the Lord’s Supper? Has the Lord’s Supper become routine and mundane for you? (130)

(5) Pastor Cook discusses three perspectives while taking the Lord’s Supper. Do you find yourself using these truths and promises as reflections and corrections for your heart? (131)

Day 31: Preparations for Passover (14:12-21)

Discussion Questions

(1) Readers of Mark have known and anticipated the betrayal of Jesus since Mark 3:15. How do you think the disciples took the news? What went through their minds?

(2) How does this passage help you maintain trust in God’s plan even when you can’t see his hand at work?

(3) What is the importance of the Lord’s Supper resembling the Passover Feast? Why was the Messiah seen as the Passover Lamb? (126)

(4) Judas walked daily with Jesus and still betrayed him. How can we remain watchful that sin doesn’t capture our hearts and lead us astray?

(5) Do you truly live as one following God or would you just be considered “religious”?

(6) How easy is it to go through the motions of following Jesus?

(7) When we are struggling, do we fail to see God as our victor and still doing work in us? Or do we feel like Satan is winning? (128)

Day 30: Devotion and Treachery (14:1-11)

Discussion Questions

(1) Do you truly believe/think that nothing is worth having if you lose Jesus? (123)

(2) “One of the twelve.” Physical proximity to Jesus does not equal spiritual proximity to Jesus. How can we stay near the Lord when our hearts are prone to wander?

(3) Do you find yourself comparing your devotion/life to others? Why do we feel the need to compare ourselves with others? (122)

(4) Would your devotion/love for Jesus resemble the arguments of the disciples or the wholeheartedness of Mary of Bethany? Is your walk casual? (123)

(5) Does your devotion to Jesus make a difference in the life of others? The way you see others?

(6) How can you demonstrate extravagant devotion to God?

(7) Your devotion to God affects your giving and serving. How are you serving and supporting missions?

Day 29: Be Ready! (13:28-37)

Discussion Questions

(1) How are you keeping watch for the Lord? How can we stay awake and be ready for his coming? (119)

(2) Do you find it comforting that our only hope is our faith in God and his Word? Do we truly trust God? How does Isaiah 51:6 change our disposition about the world? About God? (118)

(3) When Christ returns will you be busy being obedient? If he returned today, will Christ find you awake and self-controlled? (119)

(4) “Waiting on Christ does not encourage idleness but service” (119). Have I checked out? Am I only trying to run out the clock or am I actively looking for service opportunities?

(5) Do you anticipate Christ’s return in your lifetime?

(6) God’s people will remain busy until Christ returns. How can we share our anticipation of his return with those we serve?

Day 28: The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Return of Christ (13:14-27)

Discussion Questions

(1) Have you always seen Jesus’ prophecy as a dual fulfillment? Do you agree? Does it help you have more confidence in Scripture?

(2) How does reading about the contrasts of Christ’s return correct your thoughts about God? Have you thought about how Jesus will come to judge the world?

(3) God’s elect are not free from suffering. How does being God’s elect help to endure suffering? (114-115)

(4) How does Jesus’ description of his return give us confidence, hope, and peace today and potentially in the darkest day at the end? (116)

(5) Pastor Cook describes the monumental contrasts between the first and second comings of Jesus. How did these contrasts strike you? Can you think of any other contrasts?

(6) Pastor reminds us of how difficult Mark 13 can be to interpret. What are some ways we can show grace toward others who may hold different interpretations on difficult passages and theology?