Day 5: An Expanding Ministry (3:7-19)

Discussion Questions

(1) “Jesus’ philosophy of ministry focused heavily on discipleship (pg. 20).” What are some ways we can utilize discipleship in our own lives?

(2) How are you encouraged to know that the disciples were ordinary men?

(3) How does the Holy Spirit empower you in your sphere of influence?

(4) Who is pouring into you right now? Is there someone you can walk alongside in discipleship?

Day 4: Controversies Continue (Mark 2:18-3:6)

Discussion Questions

(1) What are some examples of following rules whilst lacking love for our neighbor?

(2) On pp. 17-18, Pastor Cook discusses how both Pharisees and we are guilty of elevating preferences or oral traditions to the level of Scripture. What issues or traditions do we elevate on par with Scripture?

(3) How can we change Pharisaical thinking into thinking with the compassion of Jesus?

(4) How do we serve those who are like the Pharisees in our church?

Jesus Came to Call Sinners

Jesus finds himself enthralled in conflict with the religious leaders early in Mark’s gospel account. The scribes and Pharisees are incensed that Jesus would eat with tax collectors and sinners. Jesus tells them that is exactly the kind for whom he came. Praise God, Jesus saves sinners!

Day 3: Blasphemy and Bad Company (2:1-17)

Discussion Questions

(1) Do we ever get upset/surprised by someone receiving Jesus? If so, why (c.f. 2:17, Luke 19:7)?

(2) After seeing all the miracles and fulfilled promises throughout Scripture, why do we lack faith or doubt when God has told us He will do something?

(3) Following Jesus as the only hope for sinners is considered intolerant in today’s culture (pg. 13). What are some hardships you face when sharing Jesus with friends/family/coworkers?

(4) Jesus refers to himself using a more veiled title “Son of Man” in order to remove himself from the political aspirations placed on the coming Messiah. In what ways do we project aspirations on Jesus in our day that might not fit who He has told us he is (p 12)?

(5) Why did the Pharisees hate Jesus?

(6) Does your faith lead you to share with those closest to you? Why or why not?

College & Singles Weekly Update – February 25 – March 3

We are Back in the Tent!!!

The winter thaw has come and the patches on the tent have been made for us to be back in the tent this week.   No registration is required!!!


The 40 Days have Started and Books are Here!

It has already been a great start to the 40 Days in Mark.   About half of us have met in our D-Groups and the others will meet tonight.   I pray that each day you are able to check the website for the days questions for the day and then share how God works in your life with your group.   Books will be available in the tent on Sunday for those who have purchased and for those still looking to buy thier copy.


College Group-  Day Retreat  –  March 20

Hey everyone! We are super excited about the upcoming retreat on March 20th from 2-10 pm. The retreat will be full of fun games, worship, fellowship, and preaching all focused around the theme of being “unhidden.” Retreats are always a great way to develop deeper relationships with your church family, so we look forward to seeing everyone there!   

Retreat is $20.  Registration is Open!

Singles Groups – Day Retreat – April 3

Mark your Calendars – More Info Coming Soon!

Day 2: The Kingdom Inaugurated (1:21-45)

Discussion Questions

(1) Does knowing God has already defeated Satan empower us to live more boldly (pg.8)? How does this help us with evangelism?

(2) Pastor Cook mentions how Jews missed the true Messiah by hoping He would abolish Roman rule (pg. 8). In what ways does our flesh desire a different messiah?

(3) Are our lives saturated in prayer? Why? Why Not? Do we pray intently about the critical moments in our lives? What are some reasons we don’t pray more? What can you do to develop more consistency in prayer (pp. 8, 10)?

(4) Do we allow people to determine or guide our agendas? If so, why don’t we rely on God and seek his direction for our lives (pg. 9)?

(5) Do you believe that God is willing to help you (pg. 9)?

(6) God has already defeated Satan. The Kingdom has arrived and is expanding. How does Jesus’ victory and rule give you confidence in your fight against sin and boldness in sharing the gospel?

Jesus Calls His First Disciples

One of our pastoral interns, Brandon Pisacrita, helps us consider Mark 3:13-19. In this passage, Jesus calls the twelve disciples. Jesus is intentional in teaching the disciples as they follow Him and do ministry together. Discipleship is important to the life of a believer. We need one another to spur each other to grow in Christ.

Reese’s Cup

Jesus’ ministry begins in Mark with the public proclamation of the Kingdom’s arrival. The Lord calls people to respond to this announcement with repentance and faith in the gospel. Have you responded with faith and repentance? Are you inviting others to respond to God’s gracious invitation?

Day 1: Jesus Christ, The Son of God (1:1-20)

Discussion Questions

(1) Why is Jesus the One worth following (c.f 1:1, top of paragraph 2)?

(2) “Now, with the veil torn, we can more fully approach God the Father because of the intercession of Jesus.” What is the significance of this truth (c.f. 1:10; 15:38, 3 paragraph pg. 3)?

(3) What hinders you from following God immediately in full obedience (c.f. 1:18, pg. 4)?

(4) Will you commit to 40 days with Jesus?

The Beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God

Mark begins his account of the gospel with this bold, powerful, simple, and beautiful sentence. Life’s most important question is, “Who do you believe Jesus to be?” Mark wants you to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.