Wedding Bells in Heaven?

Will we hear wedding bells in heaven? Will you and your spouse be married in heaven? Jesus taught that we will not be married in heaven but will be like the angels in this regard.

Pets in Heaven?

Have you ever wondered if your favorite pets will be in heaven? Me too. I honestly don’t know the answer. But we know that God is good, and he will redeem a groaning creation one day!

Will We Recognize One Another in Heaven?

In our fourth installment of answering questions about heaven, today we seek to answer the question, “Will we know one another in heaven?”

I’m Bored

As a boy, I’m embarrassed to say that I dreaded heaven because I expected it would be boring. I thought it would be an endless choir session in the clouds. How wrong was I!?!? Over the years, I thankfully have come to know the Lord and learn more about the place he calls home, heaven. Heaven will be anything but boring! The psalmist said that there is endless joy in heaven! We will be working in heaven–all the blessings of work without a single curse of the fall!

Attaboy, Clarence!

I have been to a lot of funerals in my day. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say or post on Facebook, “Heaven gained an angel.” Maybe even, “God needed his angel back.” These remarks are well-meaning and are said to attempt to encourage and comfort grieving friends, but are they true? Do we become angels? What does the Bible say about God’s people “earning their wings”?

Is This Heaven?

Today’s devotionable, we are starting a series on Heaven. People have many questions about the place where God dwells, so we want to seek to answer those questions. We begin by asking, “Is heaven a real place?”

Who’s the Boss?

The United States of America is a democratic republic that depends on the peaceful transfer of power. By the grace of God, we have experienced such transitions for more than two centuries. And by his grace, we will again next week witness a peaceful change in government. While there has been recent chaos in our nation, the Christian knows who is ultimately in charge. We know who the boss is. The Ancient of Days!


It’s natural to have times when we wonder if God cares about us. Is he interested in my life? Can he help, or does he even want to help me? Let me say in a word–ABSOLUTELY! The authors of Scripture know nothing of a God who creates a world and then does not act within his creation. God cares for us, and he knows all that we are going through. He works all things for our good and his glory.

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Why Are You Angry? Know Your Enemy (Pt. 2)

Early in the Bible, we are introduced to heartbreak when a man murders his brother, leaving their parents bereaved of a son. Before this violent act of anger, God graciously confronts Cain and tells him about an enemy lurking within–sin. Sin indwells each of us, and we must do battle. Thankfully, Jesus has come to forgive sins and will one day vanquish sin once for all. Until that day, each believer has been given the resources needed to fight indwelling sin with faith and from a position of victory.


It’s been a hard week for America, and it has many of us thinking about and talking politics. As a Christian, we remember that our citizenship is in heaven. We are also called to engage culture. The Christian engages in politics to build up a political party but engages with humility, prayer, and guidance from the Scriptures and the Spirit with the hopes of promoting and cultivating the best culture for human flourishing.