Why Devotionables?

Episode 100! We hope you’ve been blessed by a devotionable or two. One of the reasons this is ministry exists is to help no one fail to obtain the grace of God. Our journey to the golden shore is a community endeavor. We pray that the new year will see you increase in your love and devotion to God. Blessings.

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Jesus: Friend of Sinners

If Jesus had a business card, it would read “Friend of Sinners.” Indeed, Jesus is a friend to sinners. He came to seek and to save the lost. This is good news! Unfortunately, not everyone was happy with Jesus’ ministry. His Google review would not have five stars. The Pharisees and scribes grumbled at his relationship with tax collectors and sinners. Jesus tells them three stories to help them see that God is finding the lost, making the dead alive, and that is a great cause of joy and celebration!

No Greater Gift

Merry Christmas! Can you think of some of your favorite gifts you ever received? Sometimes, we receive gifts that we’re not so crazy about and wonder if there is anything more. Not with God! He has already given us the greatest gift he could give us–Jesus! What more could we want or need!?!?


Immanuel means ‘God with us.’ What love is this?!?!? That God would send us his Son to reconcile us to him so that we might be with him forever! Merry Christmas!

Pursue Peace

We have peace with God, and we can have the peace of God in the midst of all of life’s anxieties. The people of God are also called to live at peace with others. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, PEACE, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness, self-control. As the Spirit works in our lives, we work to pursue peace with others–even our enemies. Today’s devotionable dips into our sermon archives as Pastor Drew talks about living peaceably with all from Galatians 5:22. To hear the sermon in its entirety, follow this link https://vimeo.com/345499747. Merry Christmas!

Peace be with You

The presence of God brings peace. No matter what comes against us, we know that God is with us and for us. We can have peace because the Lord is near!

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

The Christmas season brings us a myriad of things to enjoy with family and friends. Some of my favorite things to do are listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies. Two of my favorite Christmas movies end their films by singing ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing.’ A beautiful song, filled with powerful truths that Christ has come to reconcile us back to God, and we now have peace with God!

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Don’t get your hopes up. We often try to damper expectations to protect ourselves from disappointment. Jesus wants us to raise our expectations and increase our hope. Jesus poured hope into his disciples in the Upper Room. Jesus wants to pour hope into his people through His Word. May you abound with hope today!

Hope Against Hope

There are two types of hope. For the people of God, we have a certain hope. Why? Because he who promised is faithful! So, we hope. We look back at what God has done, and we trust him with the future.

I Have Seen the Future

Hope and faith are two peas in a pod. Faith is the bank that backs the bonds of hope. Faith grows as we feast on the Word of God. Faith allows the people of God to see the future filled with hope in the return of our King! We live by faith and not by sight.