The Prophet Goes to School: Jonah Part 5

The Lord takes his prophet to school. God reminds Jonah that his mercy is for all peoples, including Jonah’s enemies. God is sovereign over all creation and in salvation. We are to preach God’s gospel of mercy and extend mercy to others–even our enemies.

The Prophet Preaches: Jonah Part 4

Finally! Jonah reaches Nineveh and preaches a message of impending doom. The Ninevites repent, and the Lord relents from destroying their city. What can we learn from this event that can help us be more faithful in sharing the gospel?

The Prophet Prays: Jonah Part 3

Too many times, we don’t pray until we are at the end of our rope. How many pickles could we avoid finding ourselves in if we’d seek the Lord’s face before doing life on our own? Jonah is at the end of his rope, sitting in the belly of a fish for three days; he turns to the Lord in prayer. It’s a beautiful prayer of confession, thanksgiving, and acknowledging that salvation belongs to the Lord!

The Prophet is Saved: Jonah Part 2

God miraculously saves his rebellious prophet. He saves all who believe him in a miraculous way, though it seems foolish to the perishing. God loves you.

The Prophet Rebels – Jonah Part 1

The book of Jonah shows us the unparalleled beauty of God’s mercy and compassion. The LORD is sovereign over all of creation and in salvation. Desiring to show his mercy to the people of Nineveh, he sends his prophet Jonah to preach to the city. Jonah disobeys. Every other creature obeys God in this book, except the prophet of the LORD! Where is God calling you to great obedience today? We can obey because of His great mercy.

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In Honor of Millie Perkins: Psalm 121 Revisited

Our church recently lost a couple of beloved members. Mrs. Millie Perkins or ‘Mimi’ was one of our dear ones lost. Mimi loved Psalm 121, so today in her honor, we are resharing an earlier devotionable from that psalm. We are tempted to look to all kinds of insufficient things for help in this broken world. Ultimately, only God can help us. Psalm 121 is a beautiful song and powerful prayer that reminds us and assures us that God will help us and will keep us.

Go Tell!

As we head into Missions Sunday this weekend, Daustin Kratzer, a member of our Missions Team, talks to us about evangelism from John 4 – GO TELL!


It’s Missions Week at Ninth & O. Pastor Blake shares with us from Philippians chapter 4 about missions and giving – GO GIVE!

Go Pray

It’s Missions Week at Ninth & O. Ryan Pickwick, our Missions Intern, is doing today’s devotionable related to missions – GO PRAY!

Every Marverick Needs a Goose

Naaman almost missed the healing God wanted to give him. Thankfully, he had folks in his life who would speak the truth with grace. He humbly listened, obeyed the prophet’s direction, and received healing from God. Who do you have that will speak into your life? Who is God calling you to speak to today? No Lone Ranger Christianity!