Firm Foundation

Rose encourages us to seek our refuge in the Lord, who is our rock, refuge, shield, and strength. It’s only upon the Lord that we can have a firm foundation.

Shout for Joy! (Part 2)

Pastor Cook reminds us of who God is and gives us some thoughts on how we can jumpstart our devotional life from Psalm 100!

Shout for Joy (Part 1)

Pastor Cook encourages us as the people of God to lift our drooping chins and look to God in faith with thanksgiving and worship him with shouts of joy!

Daily Walk with Jesus (Part 2)

Pastor Larry follows up with some real-life examples and testimony about walking with Jesus daily.

Daily Walk With Jesus

Pastor Larry leads us through a series of questions to evaluate the health of our daily walk with Jesus.

Bartimaeus: A Picture of Faith

Bartimaeus is an example for us of the faith required for salvation. Who do you believe Jesus is? For many, he was a good man, a carpenter, a leader of a rebellion, or simply, Jesus of Nazareth. For Bartimaeus, he was the long-awaited promised one. Blind Bartimaeus had eyes of faith that saw Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of David! Jesus saved him and healed him. Jesus saves all who follow him in faith.

No Other Gospel

There is a disconcerting trend among Christians who are accepting a works-based version of the gospel. There is no other gospel! We are saved by grace alone, through faith, by Christ alone. Don’t desert this glorious gospel!

Don’t Fall Away

It’s heartbreaking to see ones who have seemingly walked with the Lord for years fall away. The Bible tells us the tragic story about King Solomon turning his heart away from the Lord. Don’t fall away but cling to the Lord in faith! He has promised to keep his children forever!

Trusting God with Your Week

As we begin a new week, it’s easy to rely on our gifts, abilities, bank accounts, etc. to lead us to success. These things are useful, but if that’s all we have, we’re in trouble. We need the Lord!

Hope Abounds Even When Spiritual Heroes Pass Away

In recent weeks, our church has experienced the passing away of several long-term, faithful church members. In today’s devotionable, Pastor Blake points us to 1 Peter 2:5 to help us find reassurance in the future of the church even as we mourn our present loss.