God is Our Light

Light reveals things and dispels darkness. God is our light, therefore we will not fear.

Vanity of Vanities

Life is mysterious and hard. Ecclesiastes helps us avoid the pitfalls of living only for this life OR living only for the life to come in a monk-like fashion. The Preacher says we should live in the fear of the Lord and keep his commandments trusting him with our lives and the life to come.

A Wise Prayer

As Solomon prepares to succeed his father David as king, the Lord visits him and tells Solomon to ask for whatever he wants. Solomon’s request is a surprise and provides us with a great lesson in prayer and wisdom.

I Shall Not Want

David says because the LORD is his shepherd, he has no lack. The rest of the Psalm shows us what the Lord provides his people as their shepherd.

The LORD is My Shepherd

People are sheep. We are always being led by someone or something. No one can be the shepherd that the LORD is to his people. Who is your shepherd?

Comfort Forward

God comforts us in our affliction. He is the father of mercies and God of all comfort. He comforts us so that we might also comfort others in their affliction with the comfort which we have received from God.