Who is This?

Wherever you find yourself today, know that God is with you. He will lead you through whatever you face for your good and his glory.

True Treasure

What if you could have bought a share of a company like Amazon or Google before their stock prices jumped through the roof? In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus gives us the greatest insider-trading tip of all time.


All of us have experienced shame and some of us have dealt with it extensively. In Devotionables #5, Pastor Blake reminds us that God has gone to extraordinary lengths to deal with shame. Shame wants us to hide and blame. God invites us out of hiding and offers us forgiveness and hope in Jesus Christ. Enjoy this episode of Devotionables from Genesis 3.

Psalm 121

We are tempted to look to all kinds of insufficient things for help in this broken world. Ultimately, only God can help us. Psalm 121 is a beautiful song and powerful prayer that reminds us and assures us that God will help us and will keep us.


If Jesus had a business card, it would say, “Jesus, Friend of Sinners.” Jesus saves a rich man by taking his place on a tree. The crowds grumble. Episode 3 of Devotionables Luke 19:1-10 – Zacchaeus Who is Zacchaeus? Two Trees The Crowd Jesus – A Friend of Sinners

Psalm 46

Psalm 46 is a song. The word “Selah” appears three times. A musical term probably meaning to play an interlude providing a time of reflection. God is with us! The River of God.

Hannah’s Prayer

Devotionables No. 1 from Samuel 2:1-10. Devotionables are brief devotions for busy people. naobc.org/devotionables Hannah Responded to God’s Work Hannah’s Prayer was God-Centered Hannah Realizes a Pattern Hannah Recognizes a Person