It’s Our Time

Part of being a church member is being a productive part of the body (1 Corinthians 12:12-31). This summer Dr. Cook and the church staff will be leading us through a series on what church membership is all about. We will also be talking about this in the singles ministry at times throughout the summer, but it leads directly into the topic of our fall retreat. Begin praying and considering…

How am I serving? Am I doing my part as a part of the body of Christ?

Are you ready? Let’s get up and do our part as the body of Christ!

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None The Wiser?


The Singles class is doing a summer series on the wisdom literature of the Old Testament. There will be several different formats throughout the series (teaching, group discussions, panel discussions), but we also want to provide the opportunity for you to pose questions as you are reading through the books during the week. Send your questions in to Josh, Philip, or Neal so we can get them answered during the week or during the class time. We may even hold them for the panel discussions to get more interaction. Feel free to start discussions in the comments below on your questions as well.

It is all about walking together as we grow in wisdom of God’s Word.

The Walking Derby (Photos)