SingleOUT is a lesson series on the various relationships we have a Christian Single Adults. Each lesson we examine a different relationship such as God, church, family, peers, work, and dating. Each relationship is different, but they all begin and end with the love God has for us. Click the logo below to head over to the audio of each lesson. Our hope and prayer is that this lesson series defines our singles ministry at Ninth and O Baptist Church.



The Gospel is for Everyday

As Christians we continue to battle against our sins. God makes no promises that when we become his children that life will become easy or that we will instantly overcome the trials of this world. Instead, Christ has broken the chains of sin on our lives. He promises us that we do not have to sin, but that we are given the power to not sin by leaning on Christ’s victory in the cross. The Gospel (death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ) frees us from being slaves to sin. The Gospel is not something we only need to look to once in our lives, but we need to look to it every day of our lives. It gives us peace, true peace, in a world of sin, pain, and brokenness.