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If you are reading this, you are more than likely a single adult and looking for other singles like you, a church home, ors176700909_30188872_984s777200075_3161976_6211 just checking to see the latest updates on our blog.

We are glad you are visiting our site, but most of all we want to meet you face to face. This blog can offer you an introduction to our group without having to darken the doors of our church. We have a monthly newsletter that you can sign up for in the left column and we also keep you up to date on what our activities will be in the upcoming months.

This front page is updates on both upcoming events, Bible lessons, or reports of recent events. (scroll down for recent posts)

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pb190839Philip D. Brown

Associate Pastor of Singles

Go Out..Who cares if you eat?

If you are around our singles group for any time, you will find out that we love to go eat. Every Thursday night after Reality it is just a given that we will be going to O’Charleys, or Dairy Queen. Then on Sunday mornings Chanda and I have to choose where to go between the Singles 2 and the Singles 3 class. For the Singles 2 it is usually, Jimmy Johns,wendys Wendy’s, or McCallisters. For the Singles 3 they are usually at Texas Roadhouse, Rafferty’s or Chili’s. Are you chilisdrooling yet? On Sunday nights, there is always Ernesto’s off Watterson Trail. We know all the waiters and they know what we order. Then during the week there is going to be a party at someones home. So how do you do it? How do you afford it? How do you not get fat in just one week? Well,…my suggestion is to make it your priority to build long lasting friendships. Guys, find guys who can keep you accountable in your walk and girls do the same. Eating is the second priority for me. It may not have been always, but I have noticed since I have been watching my weight that I feel like I have more time to talk. Let me challenge you to do the same. Come join us as we go out and who cares if you eat!! (see Eccl 4:9-11)

Putting me and you in the “Christ”mas Spirit

img000541Going to the Andrew Peterson concert this Christmas was a great reminder of the blessing to be living in a time when some musicians don’t slack in Biblical doctrine and some tight orchestration in the same song. Peterson’s ‘Behold the Lamb of God’ held true to the expectations that I had built up based on peoples opinions.
Forty years from now what will say about Rich Mullins, Stephen Curtis and Andrew Peterson. These men are not writing to tickle the ears of their audiences. They are truly writing songs that change lives and really give us real life application to Biblical mandates.
I challenge each of you to try out these musicians. Their simple theological insight will inspire you to drive deeper into the Word and to share you life and story with your community.