Lead sheet (piano/vocal chart) for the song “Unending Love Has Spoken” as performed by NAOBC Worship.

Verse 1
Rejoice! The glorious light of God
Shines in our infant Savior;
The Father’s love made manifest
Lies lowly in a manger.
The Son of God now condescends
To give His life as ransom.
For those who wait with ears to hear,
Unending Love has spoken.

Verse 2
O little town of Bethlehem,
Once in the darkness waiting,
Awake to see the Light of men
Now humbled as a baby!
Night’s reign is coming to an end,
And soon it shall be conquered.
He lights the path of righteousness
And beckons all who wander.

Verse 3
Messiah, God, the Lord of all,
Enrobed in flesh and meekness—
He came to make us sons of God,
By taking on our weakness.
The one begotten Son of God
Now clothed in human nature;
Perfected in His suffering—
Behold our sinless Savior!

Verse 4
The dawning Kingdom now is here,
The Son, our Light, is reigning.
We wait for new Jerusalem
And Christ, our Lord’s appearing.
We long to see that coming day
When striving shall be over;
Return, O Lord, we yearn for You
As, patiently, we sojourn.

Sustain us, Lord, and in Your fear
Your bride make right and holy;
Your promised Advent drawing near—
Our hope, eternal glory!

Written by Nick Wrenn, Craig Shuff, and Emily Meredith
Released October 6, 2023
Copyright © 2023 Nick Wrenn/Craig Shuff Publishing (BMI)/Deo Gloria Publishing (ASCAP).  All rights reserved.
Vocals:  Chanda Brown, Lindsey Cook, and Caleb Morton. Drums: Justin Brewton. Bass:  Caleb Morton. Piano:  Emily Meredith. Guitars and Percussion:  Craig Shuff.  Violin:  Charlotte Davis, Anna Miller, and Juliette Melton. Cello: Allen Church.  Engineering:  Will Bishop and Craig Shuff.

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