Lead sheet (piano/vocal chart) for the song “The Good Shepherd” as performed by NAOBC Worship.

Verse 1
Oh my Jesus, Your word is sweetness
Overwhelming all bitterness.
You found me hungry, parched, and empty,
And spread a banquet of blessedness.
You rain down manna in barren places;
I have tasted and now I see
You are the fountain of living water—
Jesus, Your goodness follows me.
Verse 2
When I am weary, by grace You carry;
I fix my eyes on Your staff and rod.
I’ll fear no evil, though through death’s shadow
The paths of righteousness have trod.
For when I follow where’er You lead me
My deepest needs are satisfied;
Into green pastures, beside still waters—
Jesus, Your mercy comforts me.
Verse 3
From troubled wand’rings Your flock is gathered;
My dread disquiet calmed by Your voice.
‘Midst lawless murd’rers who steal and scatter,
Your life is laid down by Your own choice.
Mocked, killed, and buried—but not defeated—
You rose again by Your accord!
My steadfast safeguard from all who rival—
Jesus, Your shelter covers me.
Verse 4
Oh my Jesus, raised and ascended—
The spotless offering now on the throne;
You give the faithful unfading glory
In crowns of praise to You alone!
All honor, wisdom, strength, wealth, and glory
To my Good Shepherd leading me home.
And I will dwell in Your house forever—
Jesus, Your promise carries me.

Written by Craig Shuff and Ellen Morton
Released October 28, 2022
Copyright © 2022 NAOBC Worship Publishing (ASCAP)/NAOBC Music Publishing (BMI). All rights reserved.
Vocals:  Lindsey Cook, Erin Austin, Apple Li, Megan Dent, and Craig Shuff.  Drums and Percussion:  Justin Brewton.  Bass:  Noah Pursell.  Guitars:  Craig Shuff.  Piano:  Ellen Morton.  Synth and Programming:  Caleb Shaw.

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