Lead sheet (piano/vocal chart) for the song “Song of Blessing” as performed by NAOBC Worship.

Verse 1
Blessed are the poor, humbled by Your Word;
For the contrite heart will the Kingdom own.
Blessed are those who mourn, broken by disgrace;
They shall rejoice at Your mercy shown.

Verse 2
Blessed are the meek who patiently endure,
For abundant peace shall be their delight.
Blessed are those who thirst and long for righteousness;
They shall feast on the bread of life.

Glory be to God most high!
Exalt His grace and His and His mercy!
All He gives we return to Him in praise;
Oh, we sing His blessed Name!

Verse 3
Blessed the merciful regarding not offense;
In the righteous Judge is their confidence.
Blessed the pure in heart, who forsake wickedness;
They shall see the Lord of holiness.

Verse 4
Blessed those seeking peace, who make strivings cease,
For they are sons of God ruled by their Father’s love.
Blessed are the scorned because of Jesus’ name;
Great will be their reward above.

How my soul thirsts for my Savior—
I will sing Your praise forever.
In the darkest depths of sorrow,
Still Your love is everlasting.
Keep my spirit undefiled that
I may see Your face revealed.
When Your foes rise to oppose me,
I will bless Your name!

All He gives we return to Him in praise;
Oh, we sing His blessed Name!
Oh, we sing His blessed Name!

Written by Emily Meredith and Craig Shuff
Released October 28, 2022
Copyright © 2022 NAOBC Worship Publishing (ASCAP)/NAOBC Music Publishing (BMI). All rights reserved.
Vocals:  Craig Shuff, Christie Jones, and Chanda Brown.  Drums and Percussion:  Justin Brewton.  Bass:  Caleb Morton.  Guitars:  Craig Shuff.  Piano:  Emily Meredith.  Synth and Programming:  Emily Meredith.

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